African American Hair Transplant Results

A 41-year-old male patient underwent two hair transplant procedures performed 5 years apart at Mollura Medical Hair Restoration. He presented himself to Dr. Mollura as a mature Norwood hair loss 6 classification. Dr. Mollura recommended starting with the front half of his scalp and creating a natural hairline. The first transplant involved 2,689 grafts transplanted using the FUT method.

Before and after 1 FUT and 1 FUE hair transplant.

Subsequently, the patient received a second transplant, transplanting 2,528 grafts with the FUE technique to add density to the mid-scalp and crown. Follow-up pictures taken 12 months after the second procedure revealed significant improvement in hair density and coverage in the hairline, mid-scalp, and crown.

Top view after 2 hair transplant procedures with a total of 5,217 hair grafts.

Typically, patients achieve full results from the transplant about 12 months after the procedure. To help maintain his hair density, the patient uses oral Finasteride every day and receives 2 PRP Treatments per year.