FUE Hair Transplant To Fill Temporal Hairline

This 48-year-old male was experiencing frontal hair loss in the temporal zones (Norwood Class 3). He came to our Long Island, NY, offices for a consultation about how best to treat his genetic hair loss. During his consultation, Dr. Mollura prescribed oral finasteride to help minimize future hair loss and performed an FUE donor harvest hair transplant of 1,065 hair grafts to reestablish his more youthful hairline. Over the next few years, the patient also had 4 platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Treatments to improve healing from the first procedure and maintain his existing hair density and health.

Side view before and after 2,179 hair grafts transplanted.

Subsequently, the patient received a second FUE transplant, transplanting 1,114 grafts to add more density to the temporal zones. Follow-up pictures taken 8 months after the second procedure revealed significant hair density and coverage improvement. Patients typically achieve total hair growth results from a hair transplant procedure 12 months post-op.

Top view – before and after 2 FUE procedures over 2.5 years.

He continues to use finasteride daily and is very satisfied with his full and natural results. Because he had a FUE procedure, he could also maintain a very short haircut along the sides and back of his scalp with no evidence of having a procedure.