Hair Smart LaserCap 272

7 minutes daily. Improves cellular metabolism of the hair follicle to help stimulate hair growth, makes hair thicker fuller & stronger. Clinical trials show regrowth up to 51% new hair in 17 weeks. Plus a 2 year Manufacturer warranty!

Invest in your self confidence.

Laser hair growth therapy is #1 physician recommended treatment for hair growth at home, be it post hair transplant, or for prevention or in combination with any other hair loss therapy.


  • Reverses the process of Hair Loss
  • Safe and Effective for treating hair loss due to heredity
  • Treats thinning hair and balding
  • Nurtures, Fuller, healthier looking hair
  • Revitalizes damaged hair
  • Easy to use and no known adverse side-effects


  • Comfortable, Flexible fitting design
  • 272 Laser Diodes (no LEDs)
  • Auto-programmed Treatment sessions
  • 2 year Manufacturer warranty
  • 272 Premium laser diodes positioned for full scalp coverage
  • Lasers calibrated to 650nm for optimal scalp penetration
  • Advanced cooling technology to protect lasers.
  • Rated for up to 20,000 treatment sessions.
  • User- friendly, hands-free design.
  • 7 Mins Automatic Shutoff.
  • Improved battery life.
  • Completely painless and effective treatment.

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