2,200 Hair Graft Hair Transplant Case Study – Norwood Class 5

A 25 year old male patient consulted with Dr. Mollura after experiencing significant hair loss for such young man.

Before and 8 months after FUT hair transplant

The patient was a Norwood Hair Loss Classification 5 with minimal vellus hair throughout the top of his scalp. After consultation with Dr. Mollura they determined that Dr. Mollura would transplant 2,200 hair grafts using FUT linear strip harvesting. The donor tissue was dissected under microscope to assure that each graft was not transected and then the grafts were sorted by the number of hairs in each graft.

The donor excision site was closed using trichophytic donor closure. Trichophytic donor closure technique is a type of “overlapping” technique that makes it possible for your surgical wound’s edges to overlap each other. This results in hair growing directly through the linear donor scar, which can dramatically improve coverage of the donor scar in those with short hair.


Closeup of hairline before and 8 months later.

The patient was very pleased with the result and Dr. Mollura prescribed hair loss maintenance medication.

Right part view.