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Dr. Anthony Mollura’s appreciation for balance, composition, and aesthetics is an integral part of what makes him such a talented hair transplant surgeon. He has dedicated over 20 years solely to the advancement of hair restoration. Dr. Mollura has offices in Franklin Square, Long Island, and Midtown Manhattan, and he takes pleasure in the process of resolving the problem of hair loss and transforming his patients’ cosmetic goals into reality.

Dr. Mollura began his career as a medical doctor, caring for the sick and injured worldwide. However, the artistry and personalization of hair restoration lured him to his true calling. He’s devoted his career to perfecting his unique style of transplantation that achieves unbelievably natural results. He utilizes only a follicular unit transplantation method, which replicates the natural growing pattern of real hair using varied groupings of 1, 2, and 3 hair units.

Professional Memberships/Affiliations:

  • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Member Since 1995
  • Italian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • Italian Tricology Society- Societa Italiana di Tricologia
  • American Hair Loss Society
  • Bosley Medical Hair Restoration - New York
  • Medical Hair Restoration
  • American Academy of Family Medicine

"Dr. Mollura is the best hands down!! During consultation, he gave me a direct, honest and easy to understand breakdown of my hair issues and treatment options. No pressure to undertake any expensive procedure…..Just plain straightforward analysis. Honestly, after my consultation, I felt like working for Dr. Mollura free of charge. I wanted to give him a hug like a big brother. Rarely these days do you come across a most caring and honest professional who genuinely cares about their client. I can’t sing his praises enough. I highly recommend Dr. Tony Mollura!" - Robert J.

Experience and Reputation

Dr. Anthony Mollura is renowned for creating profoundly natural-looking hairlines. Dr. Mollura has restored thousands of hairlines for individuals with all forms of hair loss and from all walks of life. He has been trusted to preserve the appearances of some of the most successful business people, entertainers, and athletes in New York.

Mollura Medical Hair Restoration is a place where you’ll receive personal attention and professional treatment no matter the condition of your hair, your goals, or your budget. Dr. Mollura approaches every patient’s hair restoration plan as an opportunity to achieve stellar results.

While many clinics operate on an assembly-line model. Dr. Mollura is 100% dedicated to hair restoration. We only perform one procedure each day because we believe every client deserves the same level of stellar customization and care.

Through years of focus and precision, Dr. Mollura has managed to advance the art of hair restoration and successfully mimic the natural growth process of hair.

Dr. Mollura poses with NY hair surgeon with his award for his Chairing the Core Curriculumn Committee of the ISHRS - 2012-2019. ISHRS 27th World Congress, Bangkok, Thailand - Nov 12-17, 2019

Honors and Awards:

  • Chairman Core Curriculum Committee – International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

  • Ethics Committee Member- – International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

  • The 2001 International Award Archimedes for Hair Restoration Surgery by the ISHR

  • The 2010 Tiberio Award for Hair Restoration Surgery by the Italian Society of Hair Restoration

  • Lectured  Internationally on Propecia for Merck Pharmaceuticals

  • Ad Hoc Committee on Synthetic Hair Fibers in hair transplant surgery for the ISHRS

Complete Satisfaction

We achieve this by providing guaranteed proven solutions that create completely natural, undetectable results. Dr. Anthony Mollura has perfected the science of hair transplantation. But it’s his artistic approach that takes our results to the next level.

It may seem sentimental to refer to hair restoration as art, but that outlook is exactly what makes us stand out in our field. Through patience, precision, and personalization, we are able to create the kind of results that restore confidence and get people back to feeling their best.

Doctor Mollura’s appreciation for balance, composition and aesthetics are an integral part of what makes him such a talented surgeon.

Just like each brush stroke is important to the painter, every graft is carefully considered to achieve just the right angle and placement. Each one is placed strategically and with expert precision. That’s why a full day is dedicated to each and every transplant procedure we perform. We believe every patient deserves complete attention and focus.

In this interview with Dr. Mollura in Capri, Italy the interviewer begins in Italian and Dr. Mollura answers common questions about hair transplantation in English.

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Why Dr. Mollura

We encounter many individuals who are wary of hair restoration. Decades of poor options and so-so results have led to the impression that hair loss is a catch 22 – the choice between baldness and fake, patchy, or plugged hair. We’re happy to tell you that those days are gone. Our densely packed hairlines look nothing like the doll-hair effect created by large and ill-placed hair plugs.

The hairlines that Dr. Mollura creates are totally natural and undetectable, mainly due to the size and placement of follicular grafts. We carefully plan our hairlines according to the style preferred by each patient. Dr. Mollura creates microscopic groupings of up to 3 hair units. He then places each graft in an artistic manner that mirrors the irregular matrix of naturally growing hair.

Dr Mollura’s transplants are completely natural, and the transplanted hair will continue to grow. The only way people will know is if you tell them yourself. Dr Mollura can get you the natural look you’re hoping for; all you have to do is call 516-354-3876.

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Mollura Medical Hair Restoration

Dr. Mollura is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and has lectured to and instructed surgeons worldwide on the evolving techniques of hair restoration surgery.

His expertise, ethical approach to patient care, and focus on detail have garnered Dr. Mollura immense respect among his peers, explaining why he stands out as one of New York's best hair restoration surgeons.

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