Topical Hair Loss Serum

What is Mollura Medical's Topical Hair Loss Serum?

It is a topical prescription solution customized for each patient that aims to combat hair loss. The medication contains the FDA-approved hair maintenance and hair growth medications Finasteride 1.0% and Minoxidil 10%. Finasteride is the active ingredient in the FDA-approved drug Propecia. Minoxidil is the FDA-approved active ingredient in over-the-counter Rogaine. The product also contains 0.01% Tretinoin, 5.0% Biotin, and 1.0% Caffeine. These dosages reflect our general formula. A personalized formula can be created based on the individual patient's needs.

How does Mollura Medical's Topical Hair Loss Serum work?

Minoxidil is widely recognized as a stimulant for hair growth, encouraging dormant follicles to generate hair and strengthening weaker follicles for thicker, more pigmented hair with regular application. Finasteride, taken orally, aims to diminish dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a key factor in hair loss. Emerging studies indicate that topical application of finasteride could offer an effective alternative for hair loss treatment, potentially minimizing the risk of side effects associated with oral administration. The Tretinoin promotes blood circulation and cell regeneration. Biotin, which helps strengthen hair follicles, and Caffeine, which has been shown to promote blood circulation when applied topically.

How and When should the Topical Hair Loss Serum be applied?

Our Topical Hair Loss Serum contains 120ml of medication, lasting about 70-90 days when used as directed. The doctor will recommend dosage based on each patient's health evaluation. Dosage can change based on the individual patient's needs. Generally, Dr. Mollura recommends applying the medication 2X per day using the provided dropper. The dropper contains clear volume lines to ensure proper dosage. The serum should be applied and massaged on the scalp evenly to the areas of need and allowed to absorb for at least 3 hours prior to showering or any physical activity that will cause you to sweat.

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Mollura Medical Hair Restoration

Dr. Mollura is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and has lectured to and instructed surgeons worldwide on the evolving techniques of hair restoration surgery.

His expertise, ethical approach to patient care, and focus on detail have garnered Dr. Mollura immense respect among his peers, explaining why he stands out as one of New York's best hair restoration surgeons.

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