2 Session Norwood Hair Loss Class 3 FUT Hair Transplant

A 49-year-old male patient underwent two hair transplant procedures performed 15 months apart at Mollura Medical Hair Restoration. The first transplant involved 1,656 grafts transplanted using the FUT method.

Left hairline before and after 2 sessions.

Subsequently, the patient received a second transplant, transplanting 1,850 grafts with the FUE technique. Follow-up pictures taken 8 months after the second procedure revealed significant improvement to hair density and coverage in the temporal zones, hairline, mid-scalp, and crown.

Patients achieve full results from the FUE about 12 months after the procedure. The patient uses Finasteride and Mollura Medical’s Laser Cap therapy device every day to help maintain his hair density. He also returns to our clinic twice a year for PRP treatment.