Frontal Hairline Restoration with FUE Hair Transplant + PRP

This 49-year-old male came to Mollura Medical Hair Restoration for consultation with Dr. Mollura with significant Norwood class 4 hair loss. He was diagnosed with male androgenetic alopecia (MAA), and Dr. Mollura recommended the FUE hair transplant procedure since the patient desired a short haircut on the sides and back. Dr. Mollura harvested 2,419 grafts via FUE to restore his hairline and temporal zones.

Twelve months after the procedure, the patient returned for a follow-up review. The after photo shown here was taken at that time.

The patient experienced significant improvement in his hairline and mid-scalp density. In the months following his procedure, he also had 3 PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Treatments with Dr. Mollura and was prescribed finasteride to maintain his hair density.