Hair Restoration Journey

This patient, at the age of 49, initially sought treatment for hair loss with Dr. Mollura in 2009. The patient was a 5A on the Norwood hair loss scale. At the time, the patient opted for a Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Dr. Mollura transplanted approximately 2,000 grafts to address his hair loss concerns.

During the patient's initial evaluation, Dr. Mollura discussed the importance of hair loss maintenance. As a result, the patient started a daily regimen of finasteride to manage his hair loss, a practice he has maintained to the present day.

In January 2022, at 62, the patient visited Mollura Medical Hair Restoration for his second procedure, once again under the expertise of Dr. Mollura. The patient underwent another FUT procedure that targeted his hairline and crown area.

Dr. Mollura transplanted 2,416 grafts to add density and enhance his natural-looking hair.

Watch the patient describe his hair restoration experience in his own words.


Throughout his treatment journey, this patient has remained dedicated to maintaining his hair health, utilizing finasteride as a key component of his hair loss maintenance regimen.

With each procedure, he has witnessed remarkable progress in restoring his hairline and overall hair density. He has achieved results that continue to positively impact his confidence and quality of life.